Anaheim Semper 5K & 10K


1.  Pick your choice of a 5K or a 10K.

2.  Register throughRaceWire.  Make sure to include your mailing address and shirt size.
3.  Be your own race director, pick your date and the time and place you are going to do your race and do it!
4.  Take great pleasure in raising money for a very worthy cause AND in getting a great workout at the same time!


Virtual Entry – How does it work?
If you can’t make it to the actual race, you can still participate and show your support.  You can complete the 5K/10K at the date, time and location of your choice.  It’s on the honor system for you to complete the miles!

Why sign up for a virtual race?
We know you won't want to miss this race so this option is perfect for anyone who cannot attend on race day as well as for those living out of town, the state or the country who can’t make it to the race.  The truth is we don’t want anyone to be left out!

Can I still run or walk in the actual race on May 20th?
No, this entry is strictly for people who cannot attend the race.

Is the virtual entry chip timed?
No, we work on the honor system; we trust you'll run the distance you said you did!   We invite you to email us your time after you complete your 5K&10K, we will happily send you congratulations and cheers!

When do I run/walk the race?
As a Virtual participant, you may complete the race anytime between now and December 31 2017.

Who can participate?
You and you and you!  Everybody and anybody! There are no restrictions or age limitations. So run, jog, walk, skip, crawl, run alone, run in a group, run with your pet, hike, dance ... whatever your little heart desires - you’re in complete control!

Can I complete the race with a group? Do we get any discounts as a group?
No group discounts will be available for the Virtual Run but you are certainly welcome to run with a group - the more the merrier!  We invite you to send us pictures of your group which we will happily post on our Facebook page and include in the Race Photos on the Anaheim Semper 5K&10K website.

When will I receive my goodies?
Your bib, t-shirt and medal will be mailed out no later than May 27.

Can I post pictures from my Virtual Run on the Facebook page?

Absolutely!  We would love to see pictures of all our wonderful runners and welcome you to post pictures and videos.  We will be happy to include all pictures posted on the Facebook page on the Event Photos page of the Anaheim Semper 5K&10K website as well.

Who do I contact with questions or for more information?
Email or call 714-637-5575

Hosted by the Anaheim 13th MEU Adoption Committee

On May 20, 2017 at Riverdale Park in Anaheim, CA hundreds of enthusiastic runners and walkers will come together in an effort to raise funds in support of and to show their gratitude for the Marines and Sailors of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit  (MEU) stationed at Camp Pendleton.  This spectacular 5K&10K is the fourth run hosted the the Anaheim 13th MEU Adoption Committee and the second featuring a  Virtual Run

We realize that many of our dear friends, family and supporters may not able to join us that morning due to other commitments and obligations.  Because we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate, we've added a virtual option!


A virtual 5K&10K means that you choose to do your 5K or 10K by your rules.  You can run, walk, hike, crawl, dance, stroll or any combination thereof; whatever it takes to cover a distance of either 3.1 (5K) or 6.2 (10K) miles.  You can choose your day, your time, your venue  - you can choose to participate outdoors or even indoors on your treadmill.  You are your own boss for the day!

For the $20 entry fee, all participants will receive a bib, t-shirt and finishers medal.
The only requirement is that you complete your miles by December 31, 2017.